Check Out My interview With Country Sensation Jessica Lynn!


I recently had the pleasure of catching up with country crossover singer songwriter Jessica Lynn as she continues her way to the top.  After a successful live TV special for PBS and her single ‘Let’s Don’t’ reaching No 39 in the US top 40. Jessica is set for a busy and successful 2019 check out my first ever interview below.

Congrats on your recent live TV Special. How did that go?

Thank you!    We are very excited about how the TV special came out and are so excited for everyone to hear the new music and the music they know in a totally different way.  The show, in addition to hitting American TV this summer, will also make its way to UK country television in support of my summer tour dates.

What Influenced your latest work?

My new music and television special that are coming out are a way to show everyone who I really am as not just a musician, but as a person.   The songs in the show are very stripped down and they all mean something very special to me.  All of my musical travels and adventures have really influenced the music I am now making and the way my show is presented.

I see you have an extensive tour for 2019? Including The UK?

Yes!! We will be on the road for 3 months this summer which is our longest trip ever.  We will be doing a large USA tour as well as a UK and Mainland Europe tour, so I am very excited to just go!  We are constantly announcing tour dates at .  

Is there a particular date on the tour you are looking forward to most? Anywhere you haven’t played before?

I am really looking forward to every stop on the tour.  Every country and venue brings something totally unique and special to our trip! 

Some say you are the successor to ‘Shania Twain’…. Thoughts?

I am a very big Shania Twain fan so that is a big compliment for me.  My show is very high energy like hers is and it is very flattering to be compared to the biggest country female artist of all time.  I do have my own flavor and sound, but I feel grateful to be in such good company in terms of a comparison!

New York isn’t necessarily a place you would think of when it comes to country…. how was it breaking into the country world?

It was challenging in the beginning, but I have worked very hard to establish my name and brand and I am a very big believer that if you have determination and heart in anything that you do, that you will be successful.  I never took no for an answer and stayed true to who I am, and it has gotten me very far. ☺

I see your band has an interesting line up! Featuring family members?

Yes! My husband plays lead guitar, my Dad plays the bass guitar, and my mom sings backups!  It is so nice getting to travel with your family.

How was it touring with ZZ Top? Any Stories?

It was so cool opening for ZZ Top!  I have always been a big fan, so it was a great honor.  The crowd was amazing that day and Billy Gibbons was very friendly backstage.  I also love France because it was the first place, I ever toured overseas internationally so it holds a special place in my heart.

I also noted you sung the star-spangled banner at Madison Square Garden and For NASCAR? Impressive!

That was so exciting for me.  I am a very patriotic person and it was such an honor.

What doyou feel 2019 has in store for you?

This is our busiest year yet, but I am so excited and grateful for all of the opportunities coming my way.  It will have a lot of travel, new music, and new adventures.

You are playing Buckle and Boots Festival in Manchester this year. How did that come about?

I was so happy when Buckle and Boots reached out to have me perform this year.  I have heard amazing things about the festival, and I am looking forward to heading back to the UK very much.

What would be your ultimate line up if you could choose anyone to share the same bill with yourself?

Two of my biggest influences are Neil Diamond and Shania Twain.  It would be a dream to play with either!

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