Static X/Soil/Wednesday 13 Garage Glasgow 02/10/2019 Live Review.

Artist- Static X /Soil/ Wednesday 13
Venue- Garage Glasgow 02/10/2019

By Kenny Lenehan

I checked out the Static X – Wayne Static Memorial + Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Show @ The Garage Glasgow on 2/10/2019.

I arrive just before Wednesday 13 take to the stage as a green hue fills the room from the back screen as the crowd are still warming up and in anticipation. The vibe is chilled as the mixed audience mingles at the bars and plenty of people still arriving. The place is near capacity having sold out months in advance.
Wednesday 13 take to the stage to a slightly feeble reaction from the audience which is surprising. You find this at shows that start early as crowd most likely still warming up. Opening the set was “Necrophaze” the title track from their latest release available now. On first impressions I was impressed the visual aspect with some interesting neon and LED touches to the stage set and outfits.
Sound is excellent real booming bass and kick drum going through me reminding me that The Garage is one of my favourite venues.
Performance from Wednesday 13 himself is spot on featuring digital mask adding for an interesting element.

“Glasgow this is the Zodiac speaking…..Raise your fucking horns!” Wednesday 13 addresses the capacity crowd and finally they react in applause. Second track in and things heating up a little. Great full sounding low end and tight kick drums making my day. At this point the infamous “Pit Troll” strolls by making another appearance in my live review.
Resurfacing as a modern crimson ghost style character Wednesday taunts “Raise your fucking hands!” while having a butcher hook in one hand and LED microphone in the other. “Hail Ming” prompting a stronger crowd/band bond.
I really got the vibe that instead of the show being solo artist and backing band it was opposite including the whole band as one whole package, which I really liked.
At this point I seen many dressed in nu-metal style fashion throwing me back to my youth think jean co style baggies, sweat bands and spiked hair, mostly from men in their 40s.
I must admit the Wednesday 13 set was outstanding from a visual performance aspect that I wasn’t expecting I recommend you check the show out.

A swift exit after the Wednesday 13 set as crowd exit to smoking area bars. Starting to feel more like the classic Glasgow audience after such a strong set by Wednesday 13. The packed Garage is in full swing between sets.

Soil’s intro tape rolls with “Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl” heating things up.
Lights dim with Soil logo on stage screen, after a while the intro tape develops into a mash up of the classic “Halo” as drummer already behind kit.
As bass player “Tim King” is first to enter stage right and guitarist “Adam Zadel” teasing the classic track “Breaking Me Down” with vocalist “Ryan McCombs” entering on vocal cue. Crowd full on upon Ryan McCombs entering.
The atmosphere and vibe has evolved again with pits forming and pogoing at front. At this point I recall the snare drum being punishingly loud via the PA not enough to put me off the show.
Total throwback and full on nostalgia for me and I am sure everyone there would agree as most of the audience comprising of mostly 25 plus year olds.
“How the fuck y’all doin tonight?!” Ryan McCombs asks…house lights on crowd more into the show by now.
“For all the old school fans out there you might remember this one….” as the blast straight into the cult classic “Redefine”. Atmosphere as full on of the night so far. Simply awesome a killer throwback.
After “Redefine” Ryan Mcombs addresses the audience with “I don’t care how long I do this for…I will always be the god damn awkward Bass Player with a microphone expected to talk to everyone”.
(I later ask Ryan about the fact he was a Bass Player after briefly meeting him after the show.)
He continues to taunt the audience with “The last time we played here yall where chanting some weed of Scotland or something?” of which the crowd reacts in full colour with lyrics to “Flower Of Scotland” the most intense the crowd has been so far.
Which was the perfect intro to the Classic “Halo” which has the capacity Garage erupting like a stadium.
There was also an encore which featured a cover of “Black Betty”.
Some killer moments and a great nostalgia trip.

A the change over and line check starts for the main act “Static X” there is more a anticipation in the air with all bars packed and the crowd solidly at capacity status. With a feeling the best is yet to come as Static X paying tribute to Wayne static who passed away in 2014.
I must be honest at this point I wasn’t really sure what to expect? Although featuring the original line up with an anonyms character known simply as “Xer0” masked in tribute to Wayne Statics Image.

None the less I was looking forward to experience some classic tracks that teleport me to my early teens.

As Static X take to the stage It had a sudden impact on me how close “Xer0” resembles Wayne Static and the original line up in top form. Blowing away any sceptical views I may have had on how authentic the image of the band would be.
“Xer0” so stunningly close to Wayne Static with image presence and vocals uncanny actually! Respect!
“Bled” opens the set and a more full on intense reaction from crowd with pits forming.
House lights! “Glasgow fucking Scotland make some fucking noise!?!?!” announces “Xer0”.
Some great visuals as “WDT-Fix” and “Xer0” also adding “Com’on Glesge keep it goin! JUMP JUMP JUMP” his voice so uncanny to that of Wayne Static.
At this point I approach the balcony for a different perspective and bumped into Allan Maxwell founder of Silence Is The Enemy coming down the steps just as I approached haha.

There was an impressive memorial video to Wayne Static as not only being a memorial tour but celebrating 20 years of “Wisconsin Death Trip”. Which was welcomed by the infamous chant “Here We Here Fucking Go!”

Next up was the classic “Black And White” an anthem from my early teens which is massive nostalgia trip for me. Although authentic it didn’t have the impact I possibly anticipated, at this point I must admit I had lost a bit of faith.

I must admit I didn’t feel as blown away as I would have if I was younger experiencing this show. It certainly had some killer moments but nothing that may leave a lasting impression.
I do however admire the line up and “Xer0” for his integrity, performance and overall convincingness. For me its not really Static X without Wayne Static in my own opinion a great show but not as strong as it once was.
People where leaving by this point and I couldn’t help but feel the same.
Overall a great show and a true nostalgia trip, it was also great to bump into a lot of people I hadnt seen in an a while and having a brief chat with Soil Vocalist “Ryan McCombs” after the show.
I highly recommend you check out Wednesday 13 as I feel they stole the show.

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