Gost – Valediction Album Review

Artist- Gost
Title- Valediction
Release Date 04/10/2019 via Century Media Records

By Kenny Lenehan

Mysterious Dark wave genre bending producer “Gost” release “Valediction” on 04/09/2019 via “Century Media Records”. Having recently signed up to the Century Media Records roster after touring extensively with label mates “3teeth”. Amassing a cult following worldwide on an underground level will “Valediction” be the release that debut’s “Gost” to the masses? Check out my thoughts below.

Upon selecting the opening track “Restless Passing” it instantly delivers an audio assault that leaves a lasting impression. Featuring black metal style blast beats and integrity which eventually mellows to an ambient chill out feel before bursting back into full on brutality. I wont forgot this track anytime soon…insane.

“Bloody Roses” reels me in with its fun, dark synth lines and throwback feel but I cant help wonder when will mayhem ensue? A personal favourite straight away It has a single vibe but its original. Future goth club anthem?

Its hard to choose a definitive track on “Valediction” as each has its own flavour sound and integrity, but some of my favoured moments so far are “Severance” “The Call Of The Faithfull (Faithless)” and “Push”. You really have to experience “Valediction” for yourself!
I can say one thing for certain it belongs in anyone’s playlist its brutal, full on, original and has some fun moments! 10/10 from me.

“Valediction” is available in the following formats:
Ltd. CD Digipak
Gatefold black LP
Gatefold mint colored LP
Gatefold dark green LP
Digital Album
Standard CD Jewelcase
Gatefold black LP
Gatefold clear LP
Gatefold hot pink LP
Digital Album
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