JINJER “Macro” Album Review.

Artist- JINJER
Title- Macro
Release Date 25/10/2019

By Kenny Lenehan

Ukrainian progressive metal giants “JINJER” first struck me back me 2016 with the tantalizing “Pieces” creating a creator on anything in its path, causing a stir online and becoming somewhat of a viral sensation. Formed in “Donetsk, Ukraine” in 2009 since then they have stunned audiences and critics alike with their own blend of progressive metal and of coarse “Tatiana Shmaylyuk’s” unique vocal performances that are nothing short of mesmerising. They continue to rise gaining a solid following worldwide. Their latest offering “Macro” is the follow up to the EP “Micro” released in January 2019. 25/10/2019 saw the release of “Macro” check out my thoughts below.

Opening “Macro” is “On The Top” instantly charging ahead with their unique progressive metal sound starting of with a tremolo pick guitar riff accompanied bass and drums teasing the sing towards “Tatiana’s” entrance. Its a Jinjer track alright some killer guitar sounds with one of the tightest rhythm section’s around “Eugene Abdukhanov’s” bass tone and groove and “Vlad Ulasevich” providing a fine display of how a rhythm section carry’s a band.
I also really enjoyed the melodic breakdown featuring the angelic vocals of “Tatiana Shmayluk” and some interesting tapped arpeggio bass lines finally meeting the mayhem.

The first single from “Macro” is “Judgment (&Punishment)” which first surfaced back in August, first struck me as being a whole new take on the “Jinjer” sound. With some interesting and relatable lyric choices from “Tatiana Shmaylyuk” with a tasty reggae feel with a dark music video adding to the unique take on the progressive metal genre. . I particularly enjoyed the lyrics-
“ We came from the lands
Where kindness equals weakness.
Feelings are conditional
And help is something supernatural.
Your judgements sign your own punishment
Your judgements sign your own punishment
Yes, it is what it is
I know you’re pissed off
Narrow minds cannot believe
What they hear.”

“Judgment (&Punishment)” Official Music Video-

“Retrospection” is simply stunning starting with a delicious clean guitar arpeggio with “Tatiana” entering with harmonized clean vocals with the lyrics being in Ukrainian. It was a nice moment to hear some lyrics in their native tongue for the first adding a whole new dimension! The track progress’s and juggles between clean and fry vocals similar to some of their earlier material. Potential for a new anthem? A solid track that to me steals the show.

“LainnereP” finishes the album perfectly, with its eerie almost cryptic vibe. Starting with a ambient droning atmosphere that progress’s in the opposite direction than expected….a more melodic and subtle take. Eventually evolving to an almost industrial sound that is full of anticipation. Resembling a movie soundtrack “LainnereP” is simply stunning a new chill out track? Possibly my most favoured track from “Macro” as it hits all the right buttons to me. Its difficult to achieve this level of versatility and retain so much integrity. Masterpiece..

Other tracks to check out – “Pausing Death” “The Prophecy” and Home Back”.

What’s next for “JINJER”? I cant recommend you check out “JINJER” highly enough I personally would love to catch one of their UK dates on their upcoming euro tour. Its safe to say “JINJER” are quickly becoming a metal staple and festival favourite! “JINJER” will also be appearing at the 20th annual “Bloodstock Festival” Derbyshire UK August 2020.


Buy “Macro”-

Catch “JINJER” on tour in Europe
08.11.19 UA – Kiev / Bingo
12.11.19 DE – Dresden / Beatpol
14.11.19 DE – Berlin / Bi Nuu
15.11.19 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset
16.11.19 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
19.11.19 LU – Esch-Alzette/ Kulturfabrik
20.11.19 DE – Frankfurt / Das Bett
21.11.19 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
22.11.19 DE – Annaberg-Buchholz / Alte Brauerei
23.11.19 DE – Köln / Gebäude 9
24.11.19 DE – Bochum / Zeche Bochum
26.11.19 NL – Amsterdam / Q-Factory
27.11.19 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo
28.11.19 NL – Antwerp / Kavka
29.11.19 UK – London / Heaven
30.11.19 UK – Birmingham / Asylum
01.12.19 UK – Newcastle / Think Tank
03.12.19 UK – Manchester / Rebellion
04.12.19 UK – Bristol / The Exchange
06.12.19 FR – Paris / La Machine
07.12.19 FR – Annemasse / Cheteau Rouge
08.12.19 FR – Toulouse / Le Rex
10.12.19 ES – Murcia / Garaje
11.12.19 ES – Madrid / Mon
12.12.19 ES – Barcelona / Boveda
13.12.19 FR – Toulon / Omega Live
14.12.19 IT – Milan / Legend Club
15.12.19 CH – Zürich / Dynamo
16.12.19 AT – Graz / Dom Im Berg
18.12.19 AT – Wien / Szene
19.12.19 HR – Zagreb / KSET
21.12.19 SK – Bratislava / Majestic

Photo Credit: Tementiy Pronov

Tatiana Shmayluk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Abdukhanov – bass
Vlad Ulasevich – drums

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