Artist- Mad Black
Title- “HEAVE” EP
Release Date – Out Now via YouTube.

By Kenny Lenehan

Glasgow’s Mad Black forming in 2017 as “Visor”. Featuring members of Dominicide and Man Must Die, proving to be veterans of the scene with their back catalogue also available via bandcamp.
Having previously been described as Alt metal/hardcore with hints of influences such as “NIN,The Cure and Depeche Mode”. I dive into the two singles from “HEAVE” available via Youtube now.

First track “Survivor’s Guilt” Hits me straight away with its blast beat and impressive guitar and bass tones complimenting the over all production. A surprise comes from “Thomas Paine’s” vocal as its clean and melodic adding a nice twist to the track. The breakdown in particular stands out to me as memorable. A short number at 2:55 but certainly leaves an impression.

“Feed The Disease” in my opinion has more a of a classic thrash/hardcore feel with a killer bass break welcoming “Thomas Paine’s” vocals perfectly. I must admit I enjoy the production on both tracks which is warm, round and capture’s the dark vibe. Progressing into a more hardcore feel featuring blast beats and other elements typical of the genre but keeping its own identity.

Mad Black are:
Vocals: Thomas Paine
Guitars: Joe McGlynn, JJ McGowan
Bass: Jim Wright
Drums: Gerry McGrath

Buy “HEAVE” Bandcamp-
Under the bands former name, ‘Visor’.

Social Media

IG: @madblackband


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