Stoned Jesus- From The Outer Space Review

Artist- Stoned Jesus
Title- From The Outer Space
Release Date 8/11/2019 Napalm Records

By Kenny Lenehan

Formed back in 2009 in Kiev Ukraine “Stoned Jesus” have impressed audiences worldwide with their take on the Stoner/Doom sound. Becoming somewhat of a legend amongst the ever growing stoner/doom underground scene. I first heard “Stoned Jesus” a few years back with the now cult track “I’m The Mountain”. “From The Outer Space” was released 08/11/2019 via Napalm Records.

“Celebrate 10 years of STONED JESUS by diving deep into their roots with this unique demo remaster compilation
STONED JESUS shows you something “From the Outer Space”! First two demos of then-one-man-band were initially unveiled in 2009, and now they’re both finally available on limited edition vinyl. Remastered from the original source, these five long tracks retain the uncompromising rawness of material while adding some new, previously unheard nuances to the overall mix. “We’ve been around for the whole decade now, so I figured it would be cool to give something really cool to all our fans” – comments Igor, STONED JESUS vocalist/guitarist. “But “From the Outer Space” is not a sign of things to come obviously, more like a snapshot of a memory. This is a page of our history for you to own”.” – Napalm Records

“The Sweet Whore Of Babylon” opens with a typical drop tuned distorted stoner style riff that rings home the fact it is indeed an early demo. Progressing into poorly performed drumming that honestly adds some character all be it slightly off putting. Half way the track things improve with a more tasteful approach to the main guitar riff that is more satisfying although its undoubtedly a demo.

“Insatiable King” takes a new direction that features the vocals of Ihor Sydorenko and droning typical of the genre. A sound known for its saturated guitar tones and raw edge Insatiable King captures this and the early roots of the Stoned Jesus sound.

“Eastern Magic” improves the vibe yet again as the demo progresses the main riff features an interesting eastern inspired vibe but retaining the beefy stoner vibe. Possibly my favoured track but a bit lengthy at 10:03 its one for the hardcore.

Each track featuring similarities its not the worst effort but I do enjoy hearing the progress Stoned Jesus have made.

A treat for fans of “Stoned Jesus” and similar sounding material with tasters of the sound the band would develop. I must admit I doubt I will revisit the demo as in my own opinion its more a of bonus in comparison to their more developed sound but a great insight on how the band started and how they have progressed. A great effort for being a demo comprising of just Ihor Sydorenko.

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