Sabaton – The Great War (History Version) Review

Title-The Great War
Release Date-19/07/2019

By Kenny Lenehan
Swedish war metal hero’s “Sabaton” release “The Great War” on 19/07/2019 via “Nuclear Blast Records”. Released just in time for the bands 20th anniversary the album is heavy inspired by the events of WW1. The album will see a clear vinyl release and also “History Version” on Digital/CD formats. I give my thoughts on the “Sabaton- The Great War (History Version)” below.
“The Future Of Warfare” opens with a soothing female voice narrating historic events during the intro that has heroic feel. “The Tank…The Future of Warfare” are her last words that is instantly met with a powerful dose of Sabaton’s brand of metal. Some excellent symphonic elements that add to the heroic theme.

I must admit that the combination if the narrative and Sabaton’s blend of power metal go hand in hand in stunning fashion. I had heard of Sabaton before but I am undoubtedly a convert. The music its self is excellent but I cant help but admire the narrative of the “History Version”.

My favorite moments of “ The Great War” are “All The Way” “ The Attack Of The Deadmen” and “ Great War”. You have to experience the album for yourself to truly grasp its theme.

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