Release Date 07/08/2020 via Napalm Records

By Kenny Lenehan

German dark metal giants “Lord Of The Lost” return with full classical ensemble for the highly anticipated follow up to “Swan Songs II”. The third instalment of Swan Songs featuring “The Lord Of The Lost Ensemble” with newly recorded material for “Swan Songs III” and new versions of a hand-picked selection of LOTL classics. Set to be released 07/08/2020 via Napalm Records and a release live stream concert featuring full ensemble the following evening 08/08/2020.

Opening “Swan Songs III (CD 1)” is the previously released “A Splintered Mind” which surfaced via YouTube in June, I have grown to be familiar with the track since. Its opening lyrics and melody in my opinion reflects “Chris Harms” ear for melody and the possibility of that Lady Gaga Influence the band have mentioned previously.
“One ton heart” released back in May via YouTube is an interesting track and music video, featuring the band in period dress and the bands trademark sense of humour. The song itself has an almost western vibe at parts that’s catchy and melodic, mellow in nature. I couldn’t resit the urge to ask “Niklas Kahl” about the concept during our interview that you can check out along with both music videos via the links below.

“Dying On The Moon (feat. Joy Frost)” appears to be the third single from Swan Songs III, released 10/07/2020 via YouTube. The song features a whole new approach to the LOTL sound In my opinion grasping a more radio friendly sound and feel. Featuring the impressive vocals of “Joy Frost” the song truly displays that LOTL are one of the most versatile bands out there.

“Zunya” instantly strikes me as an almost western soundtrack vibe with the percussion and clean reverbed guitars providing a new dimension to the LOTL sound. The track has a flow that sways and has an interesting feel. I do admire the lyric “I fell from the heavens but I”ll land on my feet, The Demon you’ve fed Is now hungry, In need I hide my black soul under your pale white skin”.

The album is enriched with feel and emotion that accompanies the orchestration with deadly precision. I feel you have to experience the album for yourself to grasp the true experience of the LOTL ensemble, that being said other stand out tracks- “We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir) “Unfeel” and “Hurt Again”.

I cant stress enough that you should certainly check out Lord Of The Lost regardless of your music taste as the versatility truly proves that they offer something for everyone. If you ever get a chance to catch LOTL live I highly recommend as the live show, musicianship and all round experience is incredible. (Anyone who knows me would agree LOTL have certainly left a massive impression on me with “Thornstar” and their incredible live show).

Photo Credit- Jan Season

Swan Songs III will be available in the following formats:

  • 2 CD Digipak (Swan Songs III CD 1 & 2)
  • 2 LP Gatefold Vinyl (Swan Songs III CD 1 ONLY)
  • Deluxe Box (Earbook + Swan Songs III CD 1 & 2, Swan Songs Demos, Swan Symphonies (2 CD instrumental Version) + Opus X (2 CD Live Version)) – strictly limited to 500 copies
  • Ltd 48 pages Earbook (Swan Songs III CD 1 & 2 + Swan Songs Demos) – strictly limited to 500 copies
  • Digital Album
  • 1 CD Jewelcase (Swan Songs III CD 1 ONLY) (North America only)

Record Release Show (worldwide streaming):
08.08.20 www – Record Release Show

Ensemble Tour 2021:
w/ Rain Diary
07.04.21 DE – Hamburg / Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
08.04.21 DE – Mainz / Kurfürstliches Schloss
09.04.21 DE – Wuppertal / Historische Stadthalle
10.04.21 DE – Munich / Alte Kongresshalle
11.04.21 DE – Berlin / Huxleys

Release Date:
August 7, 2020

Chris Harms
Class Grenayde
Gared Dirge
Niklas Kahl

The LORD OF THE LOST Ensemble is:
Chris Harms: Vocals, Violoncello, Semi Acoustic Guitar
π: Acoustic Guitar
Bengt Jaeschke: Acoustic Guitar
Class Grenayde: Acoustic Bass
Gared Dirge: Grand Piano
Corvin Bahn: Organ, Harpsichord, Celeste
Maline Zickow: 1st Violin
Felicitas Fischbein: 2nd Violin
Ida Luzie Phlipp: Viola
Miriam Göbel: Violoncello
Julia C. Pfänder: Contrabass
Niklas Kahl: Percussions
Daniel Möhrke: Percussions
Henrik Petschull: Percussions

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