Rachel Aspe “LOKUST- Guiltless Vocal Cover.

By Kenny Lenehan

Rachel Aspe

“Rachel Aspe” is a French death metal vocalist from Grasse France formally lead vocalist of French metal titans “Eths”. Relocating to Glasgow Scotland in 2018 Rachel Aspe has continued to produce some stellar vocal performances and during the COVID-19 pandemic has released a multitude of vocal covers. Known for her unique take on death metal style vocals and being completely self taught I dive into her latest offering  a vocal cover of “LOKUST -Guiltless” available now via YouTube.

Originally a instrumental “Rachel Apse” has went ahead and put her own touch on vocal duties by contributing her own vocals to the track!

Instantly providing a full force death metal attack “Guiltless” opens the fold with an impressive and unexpected impact with Aspe boldly taking your attention. Plenty of shock value here as you may not expect such an impressive gutter vocal attack based on appearances! The track itself features classic death metal vibes but what really intrigues me is “Rachel Apse’s” mesmerizing vocal abilities.

The track also features Aspe’s clean vocal which is equally outstanding that my opinion just flows perfectly regardless of genre. Death metal isn’t exactly my field but you can definitely absorb the level of talent, professionalism and integrity.

Check out the track below!  



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