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Lord of the Lost “Judas” out 02/07/2021 via Napalm Records

By Kenny Lenehan

German genrefluid visionaries LORD OF THE LOST return with their seventh studio album, JUDAS (out July 2nd, 2021 via Napalm Records). With this sophisticated offering, conceptualized as a double record from the very beginning, the five-piece are cementing their position as exceptional artists that can’t be pigeonholed once more and have undeniably reached the next level with their most innovative and mature record to date. Not only the sound is massive, but LORD OF THE LOST impressively deliver JUDAS physically as well: The album will be available as a limited deluxe box, earbook, 2-CD mediabook, 2-CD sleevepack, 2 x 2 LP gatefold recycled vinyl, double music cassette as well as digital version.

Let’s drive into a release I personally have been looking forward to checking out. 

“Lord Of The Lost – Judas”

After releasing “Swan Songs III” last year it was the last release I reviewed and had the pleasure to interview Nik Kahl drummer of Lord of the Lost prior to its release last summer. This is the bands first heavy record since “Thornstar” released back in 2018. I personally can’t wait to check this record out after seeing some of the teaser trailers and promotional material over the past months. A mammoth 24 tracks over 2 disks I will be making up for lost time check out my thoughts of “Judas” below.

Disk 1 “Damnation”-

Track 1 “Priest” was released as the lead single for Judas back in April with accompanying YouTube video that certainly displays both the diverse textures and sounds of Lord of the lost a stellar movie like music video. Opening the track is a tribal like drum pattern with a female vocal with a spiritual tone with “Chris Harms’s” haunting baritone vocal entering at 1:04. Hitting me with an almost cult like chant that matches the promotional material seen over the past few months via the bands social media. In my opinion a ballsy intro due to length and essentially featuring an instrumental for over a minute is a unique way to open the track and the mammoth 24 track album. I can imagine this to be the bands stage intro tape which would certainly blend well with the onslaught of the full band entering at 1-36 to the chant “Priest”. I first heard the track and accompanying music video back in April and I will be honest it didn’t hit me like I thought it would and is still growing on me. The track is a breath of fresh air however and opens the album perfectly leaving me looking for more (23 other tracks to choose from.)

“For they know what they do” track 2 of disk one “Damnation” was released as a teaser for the album with again having its own accompanying music video on 02/06/2021. I also checked this release out upon its release and had a similar opinion to “Priest”. A strong track that captures the signature “Lord of The Lost” sound but with a fresh outlook with recurring cult themes with female choir vocals that in my opinion doesn’t capture me as much as “Thornstar” did, but along with “Priest” I am sure the track will grow on me.

“Your Star Has You Led Astray” gives me what I have been looking for and that’s a fresh take on the “Lord of The Lost” sound but with the similar soundscape of “Thornstar”. This appetites me for what’s to come I do feel that “Judas” is a new era for the band.

So far my most favoured track on “damnation” has to be “The Heart Is A Traitor” having an Industrial vibe during the intro flowing into a heavy full on take on the Lord Of the Lost sound that restores my faith in the album. (No pun intended)

Disk 2 “Salvation

“The Gospel Of Judas” instantly restores my enthusiasm for the album and brings me to realise that both disks have a theme of both darkness and light. Retaining themes from disk 1 “Salvation” brings a more favourable approach to me personally. 

I don’t want to give away too much of the goods but “Judas” is a solid effort that will undoubtedly grow upon me! Other stand out tracks include “Viva Vendetta”, “A War Within”, “Work of Salvation” and “ And It Was Night”.

I strongly urge you to check out “Judas” and the Lord of the Lost back catalogue as in my opinion they are the best band in Europe, I do feel “Judas” will undoubtedly grow on me and will please fans new and old alike. COVID permitting and when live shows return it’s recommended to check out Lord of the Lost live as the live show is second to none in my opinion.

Tracklist JUDAS (CD1: Damnation):

1. Priest

2. For They Know Not What They Do

3. Your Star Has Led You Astray

4. Born with a Broken Heart

5. The 13th

6. In the Field of Blood

7. 2000 Years a Pyre

8. Death Is Just a Kiss Away

9. The Heart Is a Traitor

10. Euphoria

11. Be Still and Know

12. The Death of All Colours

Tracklist JUDAS (CD2: Salvation):

1. The Gospel of Judas

2. Viva Vendetta

3. Argent

4. The Heartbeat of the Devil

5. And it Was Night

6. My Constellation

7. The Ashes of Flowers

8. Iskarioth

9. A War Within

10. A World where We Belong

11. Apokatastasis

12. Work of Salvation

JUDAS will be available in the following formats:

– Deluxe Box (incl. 2-CD Mediabook, 1 CD The Sorrows Of The Young, 2 CD LOTL+, DVD Becoming JUDAS, Cover Alu Print) – limited to ww 1500 copies

– 4 CD Earbook – limited to ww 500 copies

– Double Music Cassette – limited to ww 100 copies

– 2-CD Mediabook

– 2-CD Sleevepack

– Vinyl Box incl. 2x 2LP Recycled BLACK Vinyl Gatefold

– Digital Album

Photo Credit: Jan Season / VDPictures


Chris Harms -Vocals, Guitar, Cello

Pi Stoffers – Guitar

Class Grenayde – Bass

Gared Dirge – Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion , Guitar

Niklas Kahl – Drums

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