3teeth -Metawar Review 2019

I got to check out the latest offering from industrial giants 3TEETH, ‘Metawar’ before its release on 5 July 2019 via Century Media Records. I take a dive into the world of 3TEETH below with my review of ‘Metawar’.

First up is ‘Hypersitation’ which is perfect for opening the sort of live show that 3TEETH are noted for then after exactly 1 min ‘Affluenza’, track 2 perfectly drops in, which I can also imagine the band opening the set of the live show with. A beefy sounding track that wouldn’t go amiss on my workout playlist.

‘President X’ instantly blows me away with its full-on beefy vibe. Great main guitar riff with some interesting industrial elements. An instant head banging anthem. Judging by the bands’ social media ‘President X’ looks like a recurring theme and mostly likely the lead single.

‘Bornless’, ‘Alt_R’ and ‘Surrender’ are also knocking it out the ballpark.

The overall sound of 3TEETH is surprisingly heavier than I imagined while retaining an industrial sound that is beefy and full. It’s fair to say the band does have an interesting sound that stands out on its own and I personally wouldn’t mind catching these guys live sometime soon. Safe to say that die hard fans of the genre will enjoy and introducing the sound to new ears also. I really encourage you to check out 3TEETH for yourself as I am personally blown away.

‘METAWAR’ will be available on Digital Album, LP, CD, Order Here –


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