BY KENNY LENEHANCalifornian rapper The Game needs little introduction after rising from the streets of Compton California after legendary hip hop producer Dr Dre took him under his wing signing to his Aftermath label and collaborating with the likes of 50 Cent and G Unit in the 00’s projecting The Game to household name status worldwide. The Documentary album introduced The Game to the worldwide market back in 2005, now in 2019 The Game releases Born 2 Rap featuring a collection of all-star collaborators including Travis Barker, Ed Sheeran and more. Born 2 Rap, rumoured to be The Game’s final albums, was released 29 November 2019 via Entertainment One US. I dive in below.First of the mammoth 25 tracks is ‘City Of Sin’, which in my opinion has a great chill out feel and giant sounding bass guitar and synth. Although I can’t say I am an Ed Sheeran fan, the track may have suited being a instrumental, but fans of Ed Sheeran may enjoy the short track.‘No Smoke’ featuring Miguel and Travis Barker, is an interesting track as it has an almost rock feel without straying away too far from its hip hop sound. A catchy number that has left an impression on me… I dug this one.Being a Bassist myself one of my favourite elements of hip hop is the Bass Guitar as it can carry a Hip Hop track and a good example of this is ‘Carmen Electra’ featuring a interesting bassline/hook that accompanies the main hook and feel of the track.REPORT THIS ADPRIVACY SETTINGSThe title track ‘Born 2 Rap’ has a swing and groove to its main hook that has me nodding and feeling its groove. Some atmospheric stuff going on also, which hides in the mix slightly, but works well.Other stand out tracks ‘The Code’, ‘Ask For Me’ and ‘One Life’.Rolling in at 1 hour 30 mins and 12 secs, featuring a whopping 25 tracks – arguably 2 whole albums worth of material. Some really surprising sounds to me as I haven’t listened to The Game for over a decade. A much fuller sound that has matured into a versatile experience that anyone can relate to. Production on Born 2 Rap is clean tight and full without being clinical. I feel I would revisit some of the tracks on Born 2 Rap and I would recommend the album as there is something for everyone.Social Media

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