Danny Worsnop – Little Did I Know Review 2019


Danny Worsnop is a charismatic frontman most notable for his work with Asking Alexandria and is due to release his new solo album ‘Shades Of Blue’ via Sumerian Records on 10 May 2019.  Check out my thoughts on ‘Shades Of Blue’ below.

Opening the album with ‘Little Did I Know’ it instantly grabs my attention with a fresh sounding chilled-blues explosion.  A flavourful summer vibe that’s heartfelt and slightly poppy.  This track wouldn’t go a miss on any radio rotation.

‘Edge Of Goodbye’ steals the show in my mind with its powerful answer and call male and female vocals giving the track a narrative feel. 

Another stand out track ‘Heaven Is A Long Way Down’ has a gospel sounding feel with massive sounding backing vocals and organs filling the void.

‘At The Time’ again having a similar feel and has some interesting lyrics that have a soulful uplifting effect.

I am personally enjoying Worsnops voice with its gravely tone sang in his native tongue without being overly Americana.  A strong effort making for easy listening whatever the mood.  I enjoyed the vibe and the incredible vocal range and musicianship of each track.

Pre-order the album here: https://www.dannyworsnop.net/


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