Zig Zags – They’ll Never Take Us Alive” REVIEW 2019

Self styled “Sci-fi Horror” Los Angeles Californian trio Zig Zags are set to release ‘They’ll Never Take Us Alive’ on 10 May 2019 via Riding Easy Records. The album will be pressed onto a limited run of 300 copies on 150-gram wax, for all you vinyl heads out there! Check out my thoughts below.

‘Punk Fucking Metal’ sets the tone with its mish mash of flavours that is an instant throwback with riffs reminiscent of early Metallica and Motorhead. It also has a west coast punk undertone without being a rip off. I can’t help but think to myself is this a parody?

The title track ‘They’ll Never Take Us Alive’ has more of the before mentioned with a sci-fi vibe, electronic elements and an almost Ramones vibe.

‘Nothing To Do’ features an interesting intro that lasts exactly 1:35! A slightly different approach that is rarely heard these days.

Each track has a modern take on The Bay Area Trash Sound. My personal favourites include ‘Why I Carry A Knife’, ‘Nothing To Do’ and ‘Fallout’.

I wouldn’t mind picking up a copy myself!

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